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Hello and a warm welcome to you,

nice to have you here at my homepage.
Maybe you won't find many things you expected to find here.

Here, you can find out more about me and my hobbies.
As you have seen on the pics, motorbike riding is one of my favourite activities. That's why you can find some things about this here.
I often ride in the Spessart and Vogelsberg area, but also in the Taunus, Rhön and Odenwald area, because it's nearby. But I also like riding farther to the south, because it's more mountainous there.
I wrote some reports on my journeys, and you can see some pics from other tours.

You won't find any links, neither touring suggestions nor information about my garment (any more).
If you would like any hints on tours around the Frankfurt area or have any questions about my motorbike or accessories, feel free to mail me.

You might think that I've got not much to tell about my family (and maybe you're right). But as every one of us has their own hobbies and likes, everybody has their own homepage; the links are provided.

Have fun while surfing! If you like it, let me know. (but this is the only page in English.)


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